Better Presentations For Real Estate!

Realtors know that presentation is an essential ingredient to the sales process. In a highly competitive environment, it is indeed important to make a positive first impression.

Smart realtors recognize that the very tools used to develop a Market Analysis in hopes of securing a listing can be critical in differentiating their company. We speak of “curb appeal” to acknowledge how crucial the outside appearance is in marketing a home. We also acknowledge the value of “staging” to present the home in the most favorable light.

The quality of the package presented to a customer at an open house can influence how a broker sells a piece of property. Even the simple handouts offered to potential buyers in a walk through say a lot about your professionalism.

Black Friday Realtor Packages 

TB 300 Binding Machine,
20 Hard Covers 
100 Soft Covers

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Why Thermobind?

In a highly competitive environment, it is important to present your product in a package that is commensurate with the value of your services.

At ThermoBind, we specialize in the best presentation options for professionals in every market, commercial and residential, large or small. Our customization options include everything from foil-stamped logos to full color offset printing

In addition to all the standard pocket folders and binders that have been around for decades, ThermoBind offers an easier to use, faster, and better looking product, in the form of both soft and hard thermal covers. There are no holes to punch, nothing to staple, just a book store quality soft or hard cover presentation in less than a minute at a cost of as little as 64 cents!

For real estate companies, in addition to thermal covers, we offer legal size pocket folders, poly portfolios, custom hard covers, and hard portfolios in legal and letter size with capacities up to 2 ¼ ".

Among the major global companies we represent, our 100,000 sq. Ft. Printing and production facility in Kansas offers any type of binder, (see our site) from 3 ring turned edge to multi-panel pocket folders at pricing that is highly competitive.

Custom Covers

Our customization options include everything from foil-stamped logos to full color offset printing


Hard covers / steel books

SteelBooks are a great way to present your projects with a classic,professional appearance!

* We offer foil stamping and window cuts for the SteelBooks.

* There are over 20 different colors of foil to choose from, as well as a variety of window cut sizes. Call 1-508-992-4144 for details

* We also offer standard windows cuts. 

* Window cut orders have a quick 7 to 10 day turn-around


soft covers & Accessories

Thermobind Premium Grade Thermal Binding Covers. We are a direct importer of premium quality thermal binding covers.



We've put the best features of the most expensive desktop thermal binding machines into our own TB 500 and have priced it to be a great value. 



The PortFolio is a professional tool to present and store your reports and documents in a practical and elegant way. Optimize the impression you make on customers and prospects with a beautiful presentation! The PortFolio is available in different colours and clip sizes

Features and Benefits:

* Practical - Store and present reports and documents in
* Customize PortFolios by adding your logo or artwork with foil stamping, silk-screen or offset printing.
* Optimize the impression you make on customers and prospects with a beautiful presentation.
* Gain a competitive advantage with prospects.
* Professional presentation directly reflects the quality of the products and services you provide.



A Portvelope is a vinyl envelope with a flap or zipper-slide closure. They are great document holders that keep your materials clean and protected despite frequent handling. The back of the envelope can be made of clear vinyl so you can see the inside documents. The flap closure can be secured with Velcro.


ThermoBind Customization Options

Hard Cover Thermal Books with glue strips for individual presentations. Can be foil stamped, embossed, silkscreened or one to four color or offset printed. Many different surfaces and colors
Soft Cover Thermal Pocket Folder with your choice of business card holders and printing options such as foil stamping, and embossing, one to four color printing with or without glue strip for custom presentations